Case study: Build Disaster-recovery from ordinary NAS almost free of charge

Today I will describe you the real situation from one huge IT environment.

Imagine that you spend million dollars from your budget. You build high-capacity NAS in your primary data center. You build the second one in your backup data center.

All NFS and SMB shares are replicated from primary site to backup one.
Besides the replication you have snapshots configured as well.

But do you have DR?


Don't be next GitLab

"Mount Sinabung, Indonesia" by Yosh Ginsu @
If you are living in the IT world and didn’t spend past weeks on some abandoned island, you have read about GitLab disaster issue.

If you don’t know, here is a short summary:
During PgSQL replication troubleshooting, the admin deleted part of the database by mistake. Every real admin made such mistake at least once in the life.
“Let him who didn’t screw up some important system be the first to throw the stone.”


Data protection = how to store + how to backup

I would like to start with more generic area. It’s data protection in general. This article is for providers (to know what to ask) but also for data owners (to know what questions to expect). At the beginning there is a discussion between backup provider and data owner (many times just different departments of the same company).