How I wanted to donate and how I didn't

Great idea! Worth of support and donation. You would expect they will make donation as easy aspossible. Not always...

"Money in hand" by Tax Credits @ Flickr; CC BY 2.0
That was very weird situation. I have heard about one amazing project.

Imagine idea to create tablet application to teach children that have no possibility to visit school.
Or if the school system is not good enough.
Or for any child that wants to learn more than in school.

Did you read The Diamond Age from Neil Stephenson? Great novel.

The main idea is about interactive book.
By telling story is able to teach small girl.
During few years from basic - reading/counting - to programming, self defense,…

Of course. This application will not be such complex but can be some starting point to alternative teaching. I decided to donate.
Great, just do it.

I have clicked to “Donate” button, filled my e-mail address, clicked to “Continue” and…
…got web form where I should add my credit card details.

Ehm. Really? No Paypal button?
I have started to search about the payment options.

No options. Just to pay through some company I never seen.

In the days when credit card information are often stolen from really big players how I should trust some company I never seen its name?

I still didn’t get my credit card information to Google or Amazon. And therefore I gone away. I didn’t donate even I really wanted.

I know that many of you doesn’t care too much about card security. Many banks just refund any unauthorized payments easily. Some of them with some difficulty.

How do you handle such situations?
Did you cancel some payment just because of payments method you consider as insecure already?

Photo credit: TaxCredits@Flickr

UPDATE: Goodle and Amazon have already my credit card number…